Successful innovation = truly understanding the unmet needs of customers

Most SMEs involve customers in the innovation process too little, too late or not at all.

Often, businesses assume that they know their customers well enough to base their decisions on gut feel.

In other cases, market research = data, and ignores actual customer insight…attitudes, behaviours and needs.

Goodbye gut feel

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We explore the real needs driving consumer behaviour, by talking to real customers. Thousands of them.

Why do we do this?

  • To help innovative companies improve their NPD process, by identifying and understanding the needs of their target audience

  • To give companies the confidence that they’re offering a true Value Proposition - in other words, why choose you?

This isn’t sales data, that only tells us what shoppers do – we find out why they do it.

Bringing customers into the heart of the NPD process means focusing on the actual needs of the customers and the “job to be done” by the product (ref. Harvard Business School).

Consumers buy a product because it does a specific job, or meets a specific need e.g. ”to keep my family healthy”. 

Knowing what the “Job to be done” for the consumer is can unlock market share, in a way that no amount of data ever could, because it gets at the causal driver behind a purchase. 

Over the past 2 years we've supported over 50 SME innovation projects by providing key customer insights.

We also bring 15 years of insight & innovation experience, working with Kantar Worldpanel, TNS, GfK and Market Gravity.

Food & Drink

Most Food & Drink SMEs use insight post-launch, to justify staying on-shelf. For many, this is too late.

They have developed and launched a product that doesn't truly meet the needs of their target audience......who therefore don't buy it. By this stage, it's probably too late to take their customer's needs into consideration.

Few Food & Drink SMEs do their insight at the start or during the actual innovation process.

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