We reached out to 1,032 Scottish shoppers in the days following Burns…

Scotland’s Burns Report 2019

We conducted an in-depth Burns food and drink shopping survey on 28th January, while the experience was fresh in the minds of shoppers.


Our Burns Report includes 40+ tables & graphs uncovering the behaviours and attitudes of Haggis-munching and whisky-sipping Scottish consumers in January.

Clients can get access to the full report and data, including unpublished brand and loyalty insights. These will be presented in a unique workshop environment.

Some of the insights we’ve uncovered include:

  1. Which retailers did the best job at Burns this year?

  2. What were the most important factors when buying Haggis and Whisky?

  3. What are the favourite Haggis and Whisky brands?

  4. Which Haggis and Whisky brands won at Burns this year, and why?

Click on the image (right) for a full breakdown of tables included

Burns Haggis.jpg

We’re currently presenting the findings direct to a handful of manufacturers…if you’d like to invite us to your place, get in touch.

For more information please contact Mark Thomson, mark@propositionb.com or call 07496602553