We reached out to 2,000 UK shoppers in the week leading up to Christmas…


“This provides us with new unique insights to take to our trade customers. The real value for us is being able to cut the data for our sectors and brands”

Nilesh Mistry, Category Development Manager, Accolade Wines


Christmas Alcohol Report 2018

The problem for brands in the alcoholic drinks sector is that while transactional shopping data is available, what they lack is insight into the attitudes and motivations driving that shopping behaviour, unless they commission expensive, bespoke research.

To fill this insight gap we conducted an in-depth survey over the 7 days before Christmas, to 2,000 shoppers across the UK.

The report covers…

  • 2,059 alcohol shoppers surveyed across the UK in the week running up to Christmas

  • Why shoppers buy from different retailers

  • Analysis by alcohol sector, from Wine to Craft Beer and Gin

  • Key factors that drive brand loyalty, or encourage brand switching

  • Analysis by shopper demographic

  • The UK’s favourite brands at Christmas

  • Over 30 tables and graphs to use in your trade argument with Retailers

  • Downloadable pdf (click on the link above)

Access to the raw data

Companies can access the raw data, enabling them to uncover and personalise specific insights relevant to their sector and/or brand

  • Personalise the data for retailer reviews

  • Understand what drives behaviour within a sector

  • Compare a sector to the broader category

  • Segment shoppers by age and/or income

  • Filter by any variable

  • Receive a free insight debrief workshop for your team

To buy the raw data, email mark@propositionb.com

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