We’re reaching out to 2,000 people approaching or in retirement the UK…

want to join us?

Retirement Journey Omnibus Survey

We’re conducting an in-depth omnibus survey in January, looking at the Retirement Journey of consumers aged 55-70

And we’re inviting Pension & Investment companies to take part in this syndicated study

Syndicate partners will not only get the insight to their 5 bespoke questions, but they will also receive a report on the 15 general questions that we’re asking first, uncovering…

  • Behaviours and attitudes

  • Needs and challenges

  • Brand loyalty and preferences

Syndicate partner benefits…

Pre retirement.jpg

20 general retirement journey questions

  • Access to 15 general questions about the Retirement Journey, alongside;

  • 5 demographic questions


5 Bespoke questions

  • Questions provided by your company

  • Can include visual stimulus

Post retirement.jpg

Debrief workshop

  • Full report by 16th February AND

  • ½ day debrief workshop

Some of the insights we’ll be uncovering including

  1. How do people feel about their situation at different stages in the journey:

    • Saving for the future | Approaching retirement | Accessing their money | Managing in retirement

  2. Do people switch between providers, and if not, why not?

  3. Behaviours and attitudes to drawdown…do people understand their options?

  4. What challenges do customers encounter in finding the support they need?

  5. What do customers expect from their providers?

  6. Which brands win or lose in Pensions & Investments?

Closing date for syndicate partners - Friday 25th January 2019

For more information please contact Carey McEvoy, Carey@propositionb.com or call 07788 138362