We reached out to 1,000 UK consumers in August 2019…


Personal Finance Report 2019

A problem for Banks, Pension providers and other large personal finance companies is getting access to relevant and timely customer insight, during New Product Development.

Having developed our insight expertise through 100 agile client projects, we approach insight from a Proposition Development / Agile perspective. As opposed to traditional insight agencies who pay lip service to really understanding the role insight plays within the NPD process.

Another challenge for large corporates is getting insight quickly enough to support Agile projects, when they need to validate new ideas with real customers within days, not months.

To demonstrate how we plug this insight gap, we designed and conducted an in-depth UK survey over 2 days in August, to 1,000 people with personal finance products.

The report covers…

  • 1,000 personal finance customers surveyed across the UK

  • General attitudes and behaviours to personal finance products and providers

  • Confidence levels during the current economic climate

  • Personal finance management, and how well customers understand products

  • Behaviours and attitudes to debt

  • Brand perception and how customers feel their providers are performing

  • Pensions - how well people understand their retirement options

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