What is the insight gap? Two things…

  1. Food & Drink manufacturers can buy shopping behaviour data, but that only tells them WHAT shoppers do.

    To truly get it right for customers, they need to know WHY they do it.

  2. The cost of commissioning bespoke reports into the attitudes and behaviours of shoppers can be prohibitive.

    And beyond the reach to many SMEs

So what?


Without true insight, food & drink manufacturers tend to rely on experience and gut feel when they make assumptions about their customers’ needs.

Which leads to making wrong decisions during NPD….

This isn’t sales data, that only tells us what shoppers do – we find out why they do it.

Do something different


We help our clients take a lean agile approach using insight to identify and focus only on the features that add value to their customers and to their business.

To not waste time, effort and money developing products or services that aren’t needed.

Bring insight into innovation, to give you the confidence that customers have validated your new product


Initial Team Workshop

  • Identify your Value Proposition Why should customers buy it, instead of something else?

  • Plan the insight phase, including key objectives



  • Online survey to a minimum of 1,000 respondents

  • Reaching your target market 100%

  • Asking the right questions

  • Optional: Individual in-depth B2B interviews


Debrief Workshop

  • Interactive debrief workshop with the team

  • Present the results and analysis, and identify key next steps

Our services


NPD Insight

Bring insight into your Innovation process

Full-team workshops to challenge and strengthen your ideas, before validating them with real customers, your potential target market


U&A Survey

Bespoke commissioned survey

To answer the burning questions within your business:

  • Brand review

  • Know your customer

  • Competitor review

  • Retailer insight


Existing Data

Bespoke view of an existing data set

Our clients